About Us

“Wild Russia” started out as a small adventure company in 1992, and quickly grew into successful adventure tourism and teambuilding event provider in Saint-Petersburg and elsewhere in Russia. Having more than 20 years of expertise in adventure tourism all over the world we can confidently and proudly state that no idea is impossible regardless of the logistics and complexity!
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In 1999 due to our experience and knowledge in tourism we were able to offer a new kind of product to our customers. We began to arrange corporate training and teambuilding programs. Since then we have organized more than 1 500 events for different Russian and foreign companies.
We have a strong team of experts located throughout Russia who pride themselves on always putting customers first and paying great attention to all the details.
To strengthen and develop your company’s corporate culture we offer professional solutions, which include elements of outdoor activities, sports and motivational games. We always use creative approach while designing and making your event happen.

When you think of business tourism and incentive tourism in Russia, Saint-Petersburg should be the first idea that comes to your mind. Each year Saint-Petersburg hosts various congresses, forums, conferences, etc. But nowadays just congresses, forums and conferences are not enough to impress the audience while presenting your business project or trying to get a big contract. Modern reality requires a more unusual and innovative approach to event-management.
And here’s where Wild Russia steps forward. Our vast experience and attention to customer’s needs allow us to create memorable and remarkable projects, and to put that “cherry” on top of your event.

In other words, we will change your event from ordinary to extraordinary. 


Our team:


Yegor Churakov                                          Nataly Krivitskaya                                         Vladimir Stolyarov                                                Denis Yasinko
The founder and the director                    Event-manager                                               The guide and destination manager                The guide and destination manager